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          Cooperative partner

        1. 樣板工程

          Sample project

          80000 air separation

          The 80,000 m3/h air separation equipment invested by hangyang group in guangxi hangyang shenglong (the first set in China) was put into operation in August 2013. The air cooling and water cooling towers of the 80,000 air separation equipment were manufactured by mex machinery, and finally reached the destination by water transportation。

          Baihetan hydropower station

          Baihetan hydropower station, the second largest hydropower project under construction in China, is located in ningnan county, sichuan province and qiaojia county, yunnan province. It is the second cascade hydropower station to be developed in the lower reaches of the jinsha river。The normal water level of the reservoir is 825 meters, and the corresponding capacity is 20.6 billion cubic meters. The underground plant is equipped with 16 units, with an initial installed capacity of 16 million kilowatts and an average annual generating capacity of 60.24 billion kilowatt hours。 The main project of the power station is scheduled to start in 2013, with the first batch of units to generate electricity in 2018 and the project to be completed in 2022。

          Expo pavilion

          EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China, is the 41st world EXPO。Part of the steel structure of the Taiwan pavilion and the Hong Kong pavilion are made by mex。

          Satellite box

          The satellite boxes manufactured by Max machinery will be provided to the end user, China aerospace, in which the satellites will be transferred by a large special transport aircraft (an-124, the world's second largest transport aircraft)。

          Impression west lake

          The 11th G20 summit was held in hangzhou, zhejiang province on September 5。The performance was expanded and improved based on the platform of impression west lake. The steel structure of the foundation of the project was made by mex machinery ten years ago。